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Manchester High School for Girls

Myrah’s Good Deed for Ramadan

At Manchester High School for Girls, we are immensely proud of the rich social and cultural mix within our community. 

For the past month, our Muslim students have been celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan with older students fasting and younger members of our community using the time for spiritual reflection, prayer and doing good deeds.

Last weekend, Year 6 pupil Myrah, along with her dad, helped out at a homeless shelter in Manchester - she has written about her experience for us below:

Myrah at the Community Centre

“Last weekend my dad and I got involved in feeding the homeless which was organised by the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) at the Pakistan Community Centre. For the last ten days of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims have been coming to help out so that nobody goes hungry and we are delivering nearly 500 to 600 meals every day to lots of different places, which is what I got involved in.

I packed food, put it in bags and then people would deliver them to their local place to give to the homeless people. The last ten days of Ramadan are really special to Muslims and we try to do as many good deeds and acts of kindness as we can. If we can do this in Ramadan then we hope to do this outside of Ramadan too.”

Thanks to Myrah for sharing her ‘good deed’ with us.  We wish all our Muslim community “Eid Mubarak”.