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Manchester High School for Girls

Daydreamer Becomes a Winner

Congratulations to Shuk-na who has won our annual Year 8 Public Speaking Competition. 

Her winning speech on “The Power of Daydreams” certainly caught the attention of our four Sixth Form judges. It was a thought-provoking and persuasive speech that highlighted the importance of daydreaming for creativity.

Shuk-na presenting her speech

The final, which was held last week, was the culmination of a focus in the English department on the language and performance of public speaking.  Every student from the year group wrote and performed their own speech and four were chosen to take part in the grand final. 

Head of English, Mrs Josey Taylor, said “The competition is designed to improve student’s confidence, communication and literacy skills and also prepare them for the GCSE Speaking Endorsement which they complete in Year 10.”

She continued, “We like to give them the option to choose whatever subject they are interested in, so we usually get a very diverse range of topics”.

This year’s final was no different with speeches ranging from capital punishment to a topical debate on whether GCSE exams should be scrapped alongside more philosophical themes that questioned the reality we live in.