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Manchester High School for Girls

A criminally good day for Sixth Form psychologists!

Girls in the Sixth Form stepped (briefly!) into prison during their Behind Bars Conference on Thursday 17th October.

The conference, organised by the Psychology Department to support the Forensic Psychology module in the A-level syllabus, gave girls the opportunity to hear from ex-offenders about prison life and the rehabilitation programmes in the modern justice system. Students were challenged with thought-provoking questions by ex-offenders, which helped them to consider whether prison is an effective strategy for crime reduction. 

Psychology teacher, Mrs Morrell, said: “The Behind Bars Conference is the highlight of the psychology department’s annual calendar of events. This year’s speakers were incredibly open, which gives the pupils real insight into life behind bars.

“When girls’ perceptions of criminals and prisoners are questioned, they start to think critically about the criminal justice system, which will stand them in good stead for the remainder of their A-level courses and beyond.”