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Manchester High School for Girls


Mathematics is a dynamic science which provides a framework for the analysis of problems together with the development of solutions. It also provides a means of communication which is powerful, concise and unambiguous.

The intellectual enjoyment Mathematics can give through the exploration of pattern, the forming of generalisations and the solution of problems make its study rewarding in its own right, whilst its power to explain and predict makes it essential for the development of many other disciplines and fields.

Our Mathematics department is committed to promoting the interest, curiosity and enjoyment in learning mathematics and in developing all students so they can use mathematics confidently in a variety of situations.

Head of Mathematics, Mrs Protheroe, meets the Princess Royal during a visit to MHSG.

Students are taught in ability sets from Year 8 to Year 11 to ensure all girls are taught at an appropriate pace and level. Students from all sets study for the Higher tier at GCSE (Edexcel) in Year 11 and are extended beyond this level in order to prepare for further study.

Mathematics is a popular subject in the Sixth Form with about half of the students studying it is some form. We offer both A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics and also offer support for students preparing for Oxbridge entrance examinations.

The deparment offers a range of extra-curricular activities. All students take part in UKMT maths challenge competitions. We have teams entering mathematical competitions throughout the year, a weekly puzzle competition and recreational Maths clubs running during lunchtimes and after school.  There are two very well attended clinics every week where students can receive additional support with their classwork.

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