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Manchester High School for Girls

Bursary Fund

We are determined that we will never miss, never fail to notice, never overlook a girl with potential

Regular Donations

A gift from you, no matter what the size, would help us extend the opportunity of a Manchester High education to as many bright and deserving girls as possible. 

Giving monthly or annually by Direct Debit is a simple and extremely valuable way of making a donation. Monthly gifts can really add up and your contribution could join those from others to fund a full bursary place.  

One full bursary place is equivalent to receiving

a month
from 101 people
a month
from 41 people
a month
from 20 people

How to Donate

You can set up a regular donation right here.

If you would prefer to set up a single donation or send your gift by post, please visit single donation  or download one of the forms below and and return it to the Development Team.

All donations over £150 will be recognised with a block in the school’s donor window (subject to availability).