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Manchester High School for Girls


The History department at Manchester High School for Girls is constantly developing and doing new and exciting things to inspire the girls and pass on our passion of the ever changing, academically stimulating subject we teach.

In Year 7 the girls are taught about life in Medieval Britain from 1066 to Elizabeth I. This incorporates the very enjoyable re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings:













Trip to Little Moreton Hall.

In Year 8 we teach the English Civil war, the French Revolution and the American war of Independence. This allows us to compare and contrast the three countries and discover why we kept our monarchy.

In Year 9 we have responded to our ‘Pupil Voice’ and teach a modern 20th Century course ranging from the Russian Revolution, the World Wars and life in Nazi Germany, to the 60’s in Britain and the assassination of JFK.

Sir Rhys Davis Mock Trial at Manchester Crown Court.

History is the most popular option at GCSE with a diverse course ranging from Britain, the Cold War, the Tudors and the American Civil Rights Movement. We have tried to extend this at A-level, where girls are taught Henry VII, Apartheid in South Africa and a hundred years of American History.

The department strongly believes nothing brings History to life more than visits to historical sites themselves, and with that in mind Year 7 visits Beeston Castle as well as trips further afield to Moscow and St Petersburg, Washington DC and Berlin.

As a passionate and diverse department we offer a range of extra-curricular activities, all with the aim to enhance vital historical skills; from debating in Model United Nations to arguing our case in the Sir Rhys Davis Mock Trial, and Mock General Elections. A History clinic is also run every week.