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Manchester High School for Girls

Danielle Wroe

Danielle Kate Wroe, Class of 2014, is a Journalist at Reach Plc.

What was your experience at Manchester High like?

Like any high school experience it had highs and lows, but the highs were incredible and the lows made me stronger. My years at Manchester High are some of the fondest memories I have. From participating in 'Man High's Got Talent', to doing so much better than I anticipated in my maths GCSE (definitely not my strong point), my time at school was full of laughs and fun but also provided me with the education which helped me get where I am today.

How do you feel it helped to shape the person you are today?

Without Manchester High, I do not think I would be the confident, self-assured (and sassy!) woman I am today. Not only do the teachers nurture your talents, but they encourage extra-curricular activities, which helped me further develop my personal passions- singing and theatre. There was always something to look forward to, and you were always encouraged to take a positive outlook towards even the most challenging tasks, an attitude which I have definitely taken into adulthood.


Were there any teachers who made a particular impression on you?

Definitely Mrs Diamond. Religious education was one of my favourite subjects throughout school, and Mrs Diamond ensured I had all the resources I needed to succeed at GCSE. Studying was always fun in her classes, and her dry sense of humour was second to none. My success in this subject at school led me to study Philosophy for my undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool, which I really enjoyed. Mrs Rundell was also a wonderful woman, and teacher, and I was deeply saddened to learn of her passing. She always believed in my singing talents, even when I didn't.


Are you still in touch with anyone from your time at School?

I am. I have far too many memories with some girls to ever not be in touch. Whenever we manage to catch up, they have me crying with laughter at the amazing times we shared.


What did you do after Manchester High? Tell us about your journey in your own words?

After Man High I went to Xaverian College and did my A Levels. I then went to study Philosophy at the University of Liverpool and I graduated in 2018. After I graduated, I was a little confused as to which direction I wanted my life to take. I considered my options, extensively, and decided to take a gamble and apply for a Master's degree in journalism. I'd always had an interest in journalism, even from Man High where I wrote a fashion column for the school magazine, but wasn't sure I'd be accepted onto the course. After re-writing my application numerous times and a healthy dose of believing in myself, I sent it off and subsequently ended up studying Multimedia Journalism for a year, loving every minute.

At university, I had the pleasure of covering feminist stories such as the unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst statue  in December 2018, and I even created a website called 'My Body My Business' for my dissertation, exploring how women are worth more than their physical appearances and should be praised for their achievements. I left my master's with a Distinction, and a burning passion to pursue journalism.

After a few months trying to navigate the (sometimes daunting) world of journalism, I got a call offering me a job at Reach Plc and I was thrilled. I accepted without hesitation. I can genuinely say I enjoy working every single day, doing something I'm really passionate about. All the hard work and persistence really does pay off!


What has been the highlight of your career?

Every day I go into work, it feels like I'm living someone else's life. I still can't believe I'm going into a newsroom daily. Every day is a highlight so far, because I still have to pinch myself to check it's real, but I also remind myself of how hard I had to work to get to this point.


What advice would you give to girls considering your career?

Write, write, write! Start a blog! Write about what you're passionate about. As long as you're enjoying the process, write as much as you can! It's so helpful to have a strong online portfolio that employers can look at. Also, make sure you read the news and keep yourself up to date. You'll need to be resilient too, because knock backs are inevitable at some point. I had to carry on smiling at times where I really wanted to give up, but if you focus, keep at it, and stay true to yourself, then something right for you will come along- trust me!


Who are the inspirational figures in your life?

Definitely my mum and dad.They helped shape who I am today and instilled the need to be driven and motivated within me. They also gave me the opportunity to attend MHSG, which I will be forever grateful for.


What are your ambitions for the future?

 I'd absolutely love to be a senior journalist one day. That will take a lot of hard work though, but I love a challenge!


What do you like to do in your spare time?

 I love socialising! I'm a massive bookworm so I love relaxing with a good book and think taking time out of my busy schedule to unwind is so important. Every day I write three things down that I'm grateful for, so I'm always trying to be positive. When I take time off work, holidays are also essential!


What achievements are you most proud of in life?

Definitely finishing my MA with a distinction, then subsequently being offered my job at Reach Plc- I jumped up and down with excitement when I found out!