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Manchester High School for Girls

Religion and Philosophy

At Manchester High School for Girls the study of Religion and Philosophy is central to understanding what it means to be part of a diverse community.

We aim to provide all students with an understanding of the six major world faiths, and non-religious world-views, which will equip them for life in our global society.   We also encourage girls to engage with a wide range of philosophical and ethical questions that will encourage them to evaluate complex issues and develop their critical thinking skills.


An Introduction to Religion, Philosophy and Ethics  - Years 7 and 8

In Year 7 and 8 girls are introduced to all six major world faiths, focusing on key questions such as ‘What do Hindus believe about God and existence?’  and ‘What do Buddhists believe about suffering?’  Girls are also challenged to consider ‘How we know right from wrong?’ and ‘Whose life is it?’ to develop their understanding of key ethical issues faced in the 21st century.

GCSE (Short Course) Religious Studies – Years 9 and 10

Currently all girls study WJEC EDUQAS GCSE Religious Studies.  Girls study the beliefs and teachings of both Christianity and Buddhism, as well the views of these religions on relationships and matters of life and death.  

GCSE Religious Studies – Years 10 and 11

Some girls choose Religious Studies as one of their option subjects and engage in the study of two religion and ethical issues.  Currently girls are studying AQA Religious Studies.  Girls study the beliefs and practices of Judaism and Islam, as well as the views of these religions on a wide range of ethical issues.   Girls are able to immerse themselves in a detailed study of these faiths, and understand how religious believers make ethical decisions today. 

A-level Religious Studies – Junior and Senior 6th

Religious Studies is an optional subject in the 6th Form and offers the opportunity to build on the foundations of the study of philosophy and ethics, as well as the Short Course GCSE study of Buddhism.  Girls study key philosophical arguments for the existences of God and challenges to theistic belief presented by evil.  The study of ethics considers medical ethics including abortion, euthanasia, as well as animal experimentation, the use of nuclear deterrents and sexual relationships. 

Extra-curricular opportunities

The Religion and Philosophy department offers a range of clubs for those girls who wish to extend their learning beyond the classroom, or just want to take the opportunity to develop their mindfulness.  During 2018-19 we will offer:

  • Ethics Matters Debating Club
  • Religion and Science Club

In addition, girls are fully supported with their curriculum studies at our weekly Religion and Philosophy Clinic.

Trips and competitions

We offer a regular programme of trips including visits to Manchester Cathedral and Manchester Buddhist Centre.  All pupils in Year 7 and 8 are involved in a creative art project with the best pieces being entered into the national Spirited Art competition.  Pupils are also offered the opportunity to experience challenging gifted and talented conferences, and lectures that support AS and A-level studies.