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Manchester High School for Girls


In the Modern Languages department at Manchester High School for Girls, we emphasise that learning languages is a skill for life.

By using a wide range of teaching methods and with the support of our state-of-the-art language laboratories, we prepare girls to not simply meet the professional challenges of the future but also to develop a life-long enthusiasm for languages.

In a world where the ability to communicate clearly is increasingly important, we support our students to communicate effectively and accurately.  We have Foreign Language Assistants with whom girls can practise, we also offer direct access to the languages through our residential visits programme and we have links to schools abroad. 

The girls are encouraged to watch films and read books in a foreign language, which they can borrow from our MFL library. In order to provide further enrichment outside of the classroom, the girls have the opportunity to participate in debating, poetry and essay writing competitions and the linguistics Olympiad, which they find both enjoyable and rewarding.

We strongly believe that the knowledge of a foreign language opens doors in to different cultures and enriches lives immensely.

Year 7 trip to Cologne in 2018.