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Manchester High School for Girls


Geography is about the world now; about changes and issues happening today. Geography looks at issues such as pollution, changes in our cities, pressures in our National Parks, earthquakes, landslides, climate change, migration and many more.


At Key Stage 3 we cover a large variety of both human and physical topics. Natural environments studied include coasts, rivers, Antarctica, tropical rainforests and many more. Human issues range from settlement to development, with a focus on sustainability throughout. We enjoy taking our students out into the field to study a variety of environments first-hand. In the past we have visited Formby, the Peak District and the Lake District.

Year 10 trip to River Bollin. 

At GCSE we study the new AQA syllabus. This is divided into the following sections:

  • Living with the Physical Environment
  • Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Geographical Applications

There are also trips for our GCSE students in order to collect data for the examination. Past trips have included Malham in the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and Macclesfield.

We also use AQA for Geography A-level which examines a wide variety of natural environments and processes such as ecosystems, hazards and coasts. Contemporary human issues such as resource security and population growth are examined in detail. Fieldwork is integral to the course.

Extra-curricular activities

The Geography department offers lots of exciting opportunities to enjoy the subject outside of the classroom. We hold house competitions such as Pointless Geography, take our GCSE students to compete in regional competitions such as the World Wise Quiz, and take our Sixth Form students to lectures and conferences held at Manchester University.

International trips

We enjoy taking the girls on international trips to witness extraordinary geographical landscapes. Previous trips have included one to the French Alps, Iceland and the USA.