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Manchester High School for Girls

Computing and Economics

Computing at Manchester High School for Girls is designed to tap into and develop girls’ interest in and use of computer technology. With computers playing an ever-increasing role in all our lives, we view it as our responsibility to give girls the skills and understanding to enable them to safely manage and contribute to future technological development.

The aims of computing courses in all key stages are to:

  • Explain how computers and computer programs work
  • Develop good computer-literacy skills
  • Introduce girls to the world of coding, enabling them to write their own programs using at least two programming languages
  • Develop project management and teamwork skills
  • Promote an interest in this very important subject

Computing and programming is taught in Years 7 to 8. We ensure that all pupils are computer literate and learn how to use the internet safely. As the girls progress to key stages 4 and 5, we offer GCSE and A-level Computer Science where the focus is even more upon the development of computational thinking and the refinement of programming skills.

Economics is a dynamic subject. The ideas and theories in Economics help us make sense of the world in which we live.

Economics can help us to answer really important questions such as:

  • Why are some people so rich and others so poor?
  • What is the economic impact of the UK vote to leave the EU?
  • Why do we seem to lurch from one financial crisis to another?
  • Why do prices go up as well as down?
  • Where does money come from and where does it go?

It looks at the factors that influence an individual’s decisions and the forces that affect national and global markets. Economics also considers how best to solve wide ranging problems such as the over-consumption of alcohol and tobacco, climate change and unemployment.

At Manchester High School for Girls, we teach with enthusiasm, showing a love of and a deep understanding of the subject and how it is assessed. We use a range of resources in our teaching, including a bank of media clips, to bring the subject to life.  

All girls are encouraged to engage with the political debates of the day. We organise trips and foster extra-curricular involvement in competitions, including Young Enterprise.