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Manchester High School for Girls


Teachers in the Classics department are enthusiastic, creative, highly skilled and passionate about their subject. We have a wide range of interests in different aspects of the Classical world from Art to Tragedy, Historiography to Oratory, Epic to Philosophy, and Archaeology to Comedy.

As you can see from the diverse nature of our interests, Classics is a very broad subject encompassing many other subjects in the school curriculum. We are keen to offer our students as much of the varied Classical menu as we can, both in and out of lessons.

We provide our students with the opportunity to come into contact with the language, literature and culture of Greece and Rome, thus helping them to develop into well-informed, open-minded, questioning young women.

Some of the activities on offer are:

  • Theatre visits
  • Museum visits
  • Site visits
  • Graeco-Romano-Egyptian Day at Manchester Museum
  • Scrabble club 
  • Entry Level Certificate in Greek
  • Classical Association Reading Competition 
  • Clinic support
  • Involvement in Festival Europeén

Classics is a discipline of learning an inflected language which encourages logical thinking.