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Manchester High School for Girls


With your help we can welcome the 100th Pankhurst Bursary pupil to Manchester High School for Girls

The ‘Never Over100ked’ Campaign


Verb, Pronunciation:

Fail to notice, fail to observe,
fail to spot, fail to see, miss, leave unnoticed.

The next 100


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You may have been a pupil yourself; or perhaps your daughter is currently experiencing all that Manchester High has to offer. It could be your sister, granddaughter or even best friend.

It is highly likely that you are reading this because you know a woman whose life has been changed for the better thanks to the education she received at Manchester High School for Girls.

She may have become the leader of one of the world’s most recognised brands or founded a trailblazing political party. Hers could be the inquiring mind that engineers further space exploration. She could be a defender of human rights in the law courts or one of the few females that protect us on the front line.

Perhaps she speaks to the masses daily, a respected news commentator, or maybe she reaches out to the individual, a trusted doctor in someone’s hour of need.

But what if life hadn’t quite worked out like that?

What if, at just age 11, you, or the woman you know, had been overlooked for that Manchester High education?

What if? What then?

Reaching the next 100

Manchester High School for Girls is not elitist and must not become so. We are determined that we will never miss, never fail to notice, never overlook a girl with potential.

In fact, over the years, we have become experts at spotting them. Our classrooms are full of them. Our roll call of our alumnae speaks for itself. Yet what we have in determination, we lack in finance. The era of direct grants and assisted places is long gone.

In September 2018 we will welcome our 100th Pankhurst Bursary girl.We are tremendously grateful to everyone who has chosen to donate to the bursary fund over the years to get us to this point, however our appeal does not end here; we must continually look to the future and we need your help to support the next 100 girls.

The Bursary at a glance

Launched in 2010, the Pankhurst Bursary Appeal aimed to raise £2 million to enable 100 girls to pass through Manchester High with financial assistance from the bursary fund.

Thanks to our loyal supporters, 82 girls have benefitted to date.

Please now consider if you can help us secure a Manchester High education for the remaining 18 girls.