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Manchester High School for Girls

Senior School Entrance Assessment FAQ

The 2021 Manchester High School for Girls Senior School Entrance Assessment will take place virtually on Tuesday 12th January 2021 by a remote assessment process.

What time will the remote assessment take place? 

Each girl will be allocated a specific start time between 8.30am and 3.00pm for their assessment. It will last 1 hour and 30 minutes.  

How will the remote assessment work?

Our comprehension, composition (writing) and maths examination papers will be replaced by a remote assessment, via a video call, with a member of our teaching staff.  The teachers conducting these assessments understand that candidates may be feeling nervous and may not be confident with video calls. Our teachers are really friendly and excited to meet the girls; they will do all they can to help them feel comfortable.

What will happen during the remote assessment? 

Each girl will follow a video appointment schedule as follows:

  1. Welcome and introduction to comprehension task (followed by reading time)
  2. Comprehension assessment
  3. Introduction to writing task (followed by writing time)
  4. Writing assessment
  5. Maths assessment

The assessment will be a positive and lively experience, designed to give the girls a chance to show their abilities. Between the writing and maths assessments, they will have a 15 minute break. The total time for the whole assessment process (including the break) is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How is the remote assessment accessed? 

We will be using “schoolcloud” for the video appointments. This system is web-based and you do not need to instal any software. Girls will need a quiet space at home to access the remote assessment on a computer.  Please note that for safeguarding reasons, an adult must be present in the room in which your daughter is completing her assessment.

What equipment will students need for the remote assessment? 

Students will need a computer/iPad to access the remote assessment.  They will also need their candidate number.

Why is the examination now taking place via remote assessment? 

During the national lockdown, we do not feel that it is appropriate to conduct in-person testing at school. We also believe that it is not in our candidates’ best interests to postpone our entrance examination. The arrangements we have put in place will allow us to offer testing with academic integrity, a personalised and friendly approach and a high level of interaction between candidates and teachers.

Can students practise for the entrance assessment? 

This year will be very different as girls are remotely assessed. We will have already sent a set of sample questions, rather than asking you to purchase past papers, which will give you an idea of what you might expect on the day. 

What happens if a candidate cannot attend the entrance assessment on the 12th January? 

If for whatever reason a candidate is unable to attend, we will look to arrange an assessment on one of our alternative dates. If a candidate is ill on the 12th January 2021 please inform us as early as possible on the morning of the entrance assessment by calling 0161 224 0447. 

Is there anything else which parents/girls should know? 

Parents must ensure that their broadband is able to cope with video calls and that they are able to use video and sound on their device.  They will also need to use a modern internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox).  Please note that internet explorer is not suitable for use with our video appointment system.  Please notify us on the form provided if you envisage any problems with the above.  

What happens after the remote assessment? 

If a candidate does well enough in the assessment she will be invited, by letter, to attend a virtual interview and further assessments. The interview will last for approximately 20 minutes. It will include an individual conversation with a senior member of staff and an activity to test her thinking skills. 

When will we know if a child has been offered a place at Manchester High?

Manchester High School for Girls is a member of the Greater Manchester Consortium of Schools and as such follows the agreed consortium timetable for 11+ applicants:

Offers of 11+ places will be posted on Monday 22nd February 2021 and replies to offers are required no later than 12 noon Thursday 4th March 2021. If the offer includes a bursary or scholarship award, a reply is needed by 12 noon Tuesday 2nd March 2021. 

Greater Manchester Consortium of Schools: Alderley Edge School for Girls, Bolton School, Bury Grammar School, Cheadle Hulme School, King’s School, Manchester High School, St Bede's, Stockport Grammar School, Withington Girls' School.