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Manchester High School for Girls


Manchester High School for Girls is committed to sustainability in procurement. With our professional partners, we are continuously seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

All our waste is segregated and processed at a bespoke facility. The company we use operate robust waste acceptance checks and carry out manual and mechanical segregation processes to transfer outgoing material to one of their approved and vetted partners for recycling, recovery or reuse, diverting from landfill.

To maximise recycling we segregate the following waste streams at our facility and our vetted partner’s facility to recover value and divert from landfill:

Wood is graded and recycled in to recycled pallets, high quality pet bedding, poultry bedding.

Plastic is recycled into PVC/recycled bottles.

Paper and cardboard are baled and returned into the recycling stream to make new products.

Biodegradable waste is made into compost.

Metal is recycled into new products.

Catering and Facilities Management

What do we do now?


  • Biodegradable cardboard sandwich boxes and recyclable bags are used for sandwiches
  • We use black refuse bags made from RPC BPL refuse (made from waste farm polythene)

Refuse and Food Waste

  • 100% of cardboard and waste is recycled
  • All waste oil is recycled into bio fuel by Olleco

Disposable Food Containers and Cutlery

  • Individual portion pots used for prepared fruit, fruit salads and cold desserts are recyclable
  • Pots used for pasta and noodle Grab ‘n’ Go are recyclable
  • All green cutlery is made from corn starch and is recyclable


  • As of June 2018, all plastic straws and stirrers were replaced with paper versions

Plastics Bottles

  • All water bottles sold are recyclable

Hot Cups

  • Coffee machines use recyclable cups
  • Bamboo stirrers


  • The team uses Red Tractor Meat and MSC fish.