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Manchester High School for Girls

About Us

Welcome To Manchester High
A Manchester High girl is recognisable by her confidence and passion, her intellect and ambition, her love of life, her caring spirit and her enthusiasm.

We know how to foster these qualities and how to educate girls; we have been doing both since 1874.

We teach our girls to aim high, to take risks and to see that learning is a reward in itself, not just a means to pass examinations. We build confidence and character, qualities girls need just as much now as they did at our foundation.

From the Pankhurst sisters who fought to give women the vote, to Edith Hesling - the first female barrister called to the bar at Gray’s Inn - we have a long and proud history of educating women who have changed the world. This pioneering spirit still prevails today.

Manchester High has a vibrant, stimulating environment where our girls are inspired to aim high and attain some of the best public examination results in the country.

Our school is happy and harmonious, and committed to providing a balanced education that nurtures and supports each girl’s individual needs and abilities. Artistic and sporting talents are fostered, and each girl has the opportunity to find something she enjoys participating in, whatever her level of ability.

The School provides the foundation for bright futures, helping girls to develop the skills, qualities and values that will enable them to flourish. Our girls leave Manchester High as well-educated, confident young women, equipped to enter the next stage of their lives, pursue diverse and fulfilling careers and make a positive contribution to society.

This website will only give you a glimpse of the special opportunities we offer girls. The best way to find out more about Manchester High School for Girls is to visit us, either at one of our open events, or on any weekday by appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to the school.

Mrs A C Hewitt