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Careers of Former Students
Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside
Professional Violinist
Professional Fencer

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Accountant Actor
Actuary Advertising Executive
Aeronautical Engineer Agricultural Economist
Agricultural Engineer Air Traffic Controller
Airline Pilot Anaethetist
Anthropologist Antique Dealer
Archaeologist Architect
Art Historian Artist
Auditor Author
Banker Barrister
Biochemist Brewing Rechnologist
Broadcasting Engineer Building Technologist
Business Analyst Busness Owner
Cartographer Chemical Engineer
Chemist Chief Education Officer
Chief Executive Civil Engineer
Company Director Computer Engineer
Coroner Curator
Dental Surgeon Design Engineer
Dietitian Diplomat
Ecologist Economist
Editor Electronic Engineer
Farmer Fashion Designer
Film Producer Financial Analyst
Food Technologist  
General Practitioner  
Head Teacher Hospital Consultant
Hospital Registrar Human Resources Manager
Hydrographic Surveyor  
Industrial Chemist Industrial Designer
Interpreter Investment and Finance In Property
Investment Banker  
Journalist Judge
Lecturer Librarian
Management Consultant Marine Surveyor
Marketing Director Mechanical Engineer
Meteorologist Microbiologist
Nuclear Engineer  
Oil Technologist Optician
Pathologist Pharmacist
Physicist Physiotherapist
Planning Consultant Playwright
Police Officer Politician
Probation Officer Psychiatrist
Psychotherapist Public Relations Executive
Retail Manager Royal Navy Officer
Sales Director Seismologist
Social Worker Solicitor
Surgeon Surveyor
Teacher Television Director
Textile Designer Theatre Manager
University Professor  
Veterinary Surgeon  
One of the first English women to swim across the English Channel was a member of the MHSG Class of 1929.
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