Please Sir, I want some more!

The Cast, Orchestra and Crew wowed the audiences in November with 3 stunning performances of Oliver! … leaving more than just a small workhouse boy asking for more!

Over 70 girls were involved in staging this musical interpretation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale of East London life – “Oliver Twist” – and what a production it was. Parents, guests and staff were treated to the full cast singing classics such as Oom-Pah-Pah, Who Will Buy and Food, Glorious Food along with the beautiful solos and duets of I’ll Do Anything and As Long As He Needs Me.

All the cast were amazing – mixing some of our more experienced Sixth Formers with younger girls from Years 8 upward.  Mia Serracino-Inglott was cast as Oliver in her first major role; Beccy Page was outstanding as Nancy – a performance that would give Jody Prenger a run for her money. Hannah Adler’s Fagin was superbly supported by Georgia Stewardson’s Artful Dodger and the combination of Nicola End (Bill Sikes) and Rachel Doyle (his fearsome companion Bullseye) brought menace and fear to proceedings.

Under the musical direction of Adrian Fuller, the Orchestra were also amazing!

A DVD is in preparation – but until that arrives, here’s a sneaky clip of Food, Glorious Food recorded on Thursday 21st.

Vegetables Harvest!

The raised vegetable beds on the school field have produced a wonderful crop this year.  The warm, sunny and dry summer all contributed to produce a fabulous collection of carrots, onions, squash and broccoli.  We also managed to grow 2 sunflowers – one very tall, the other not quite so!

Thanks to Mrs Moores and Miss Rowley for their green fingered attention.

World-class IB results at MHSG

International Baccalaureate students at Manchester High School for Girls have been celebrating their world-class success, as results for the IB Diploma Programme were published across the world on the 5th July.

ib girlsThe girls were the second cohort of IB students to have completed the programme at MHSG and achieved a stunning average points score of 38 which towers above the global average of 29.8 points. The fact that the standard offer for Oxford University is 38-40 points highlights the girls’ superb level of achievement.

18-year-old Niamh Walshe from Macclesfield reached a phenomenal point score of 43, which places her in the top 1% of IB students worldwide, according to last year’s global figures. She is now looking forward to taking some time out from studying and working as a music technician at a nearby school. She is applying to medical school next year and aims to become a paediatrician. Niamh said: “The IB Diploma has been challenging, but I have really enjoyed it – it has given me a terrific all-round education. I’ve worked hard and probably lost a lot of sleep but it has been worth it! The teachers have been excellent and the support they have given to us all has been invaluable! I will miss them a lot.”

Ellie Liu, 18, is the first IB student at MHSG to be awarded the Bilingual Diploma, studying English, Chinese and Spanish ab initio as part of her studies. She said that all the time and effort were worth it and she thanked her teachers for their help and encouragement. For Ellie, the IB was a challenge and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. She said: “It taught me something valuable and useful for the rest of my life”. Ellie would definitely recommend the course and said that the IB was a journey which enabled the individual to grow. She is now looking forward to studying Economics at the University of Edinburgh.

Mrs Claire Hewitt, Head Mistress at Manchester High School for Girls, said: “The girls have done superbly well, having worked very hard, and I am very proud of them. To achieve results which are amongst the very best in a global arena is fantastic and I should like to congratulate the girls and their teachers for these stunning results.”

Mrs Pam Roberts, Director of Sixth Form Studies at Manchester High School for Girls, said: “I am delighted that the girls have achieved such marvellous results. The fact that they have achieved the highest standards across six subjects, as well as studying Theory of Knowledge, completing an Extended Essay and devoting 150 hours to CAS activities, is testament to their commitment and dedication. They deserve their success. ”

Jeffrey Beard, Director General of the International Baccalaureate, said: “I would like to congratulate all students on their great achievements. Today’s IB diploma graduates can be confident that they possess the skills needed to excel in an increasingly international world, with students uniquely poised for success both at university and beyond. I wish every individual the very best and look forward to hearing of their accomplishments through our global network of IB alumni.”

First crop from the vegetable boxes

Radish_vegetableToday we picked our first bunches of tasty radishes from the new vegetable patches in the Senior School! As well as being a distinctive MHSG shape (they are definitely more organic in appearance), they have the crisp, crunchy texture and peppery bite you would expect. The girls and staff will enjoy this deliciously versatile snack when it is served as part of the salad choice at lunch today. The beetroot and spinach are well on their way now too, so look out for them on the MHSG menus!

IB Girls and Tutors on the Great Manchester Run

Congratulations to the IB girls and tutors from MHSG on running the Great Manchester Run on the hottest day of the year so far!

Thousands of cheering supporters spurred on the 40 thousand runners as they weaved their way from Manchester city-centre, out to Salford Quays and back again. These shots were taken as our team passed the Imperial War Museum North (around 6km) having just turned the corner to head back towards Deansgate and the finish line.

MHSG Head Girls Extravaganza – 2013

The 2012-13 MHSG Head Girls’ Team perform their final act -  literally - staging the annual Extravaganza!  The sixth formers pulled together talent from across the school to entertain us on the final day of the Easter Term – singing, dancing, music and laughs. Enjoy the show … and good luck for the future!

Founders’ Day 2013 – Science Matters

This year, Founders Day focused on Science teaching at MHSG. When the School was established in 1874, an academic education for girls was pretty much unavailable. Manchester High was the first school in the North West of England to offer the mathematics and scientific disciplines that boys were able to study, and the school provided Manchester University with its first women graduates.  The 3 films from Founders Day celebrate our proud scientific tradition.

Film 1 looks at the early history of science teaching at MHSG.

Film 2 starts with Elizabeth Day’s vision for science teaching …

to excite a living interest in the natural world, to encourage accurate observation, to share the great lessons of order and law and their universal application, and above all to cultivate a sense of the importance and value of life and the beauty of Nature.

Film 3 investigates what science teachers sing about once the pupils have gone home!

AniMates: a new and exciting club is launched

Two keen Y11 film animators, Rachel and Fairooz, pictured here, are launching an animation club for Y7-9.  Meet Danny, the school cat, in their advertisement.  They plan to share their animation expertise and recruit photographers, writers and actors to ensure that Danny is never short of adventures!

We’re sure that Danny will catch on…




Sweet Charity – the performance

Wow – what a show!  Turning on the style, the cast of Sweet Charity blew the audiences away over 3 packed nights in the school hall.  The production was fantastic with highly choreographed dance routines, fantastic solo songs, duets and ensemble pieces.  Want to re-live some of the set pieces?  What to see what you missed?  Check out the videos.